Davis wallet

Ed Davis was an american burglar and a bank robber from the 20's. He was also known as "The Fox"... coincidence with this red hair girl?! SHOP IT HERE !!

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Van Meeter wallet

Homer Van Meter was a famous bank robber known for his association with John Dillinger. This gangster surely had a fancy name but is not as classy as our wallet!SHOP IT...

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Hamilton wallet

Our wallet was named after a notable Canadian gangster! John «Red» Hamilton was known for his crimes and associations with John Dillinger in some bank robberies. SHOP IT HERE!

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Dillinger backpack

John Dillinger was one of the most badass gangster of the american economic depression and so we decided to name our pretty badass backpack after him!SHOP IT HERE!

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Floyd tote bag

Pretty boy floyd wasn't the most virtuous man of all, but he was surely as good looking as our bag! SHOP IT HERE!

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Lamm Clutch

Herman Lamm was known as the father of modern bank robbery. Just as mad as our clutch! SHOP IT HERE!

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Bonnie and Clyde

 Bonnie and Clyde are probably one the most famous bandits couple. And we must say they look pretty reckless!! That's why they've inspired us to name those bags!BonnieClydeSHOP THE BONNIE...

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Here's our Karpis wallet, a tad less creepy than that 1930's bank robber it gets its name from!SHOP IT HERE!

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