Atelier Martin Dhust label was established by Martin Dhust in 2010. Over the time it grew from a private tailoring / costume design atelier to the Pret a porter & leather accessory label we know now. Craftmanship is a long-standing family tradition. Martin ’ s grandparents has been running an atelier producing fine garments in the laurentians for more than 50 years. Although very much influenced by his upbringing at the family ’ s atelier , Martin came to seek for a broader spectrum of knowledge then what was available. He then studied Fashion Design and moved to London. Atelier...

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We like to work with natural materials. Our leather is no different regarding that philosophy. We chose pleine fleurleather that haven’t been corrected. This means that the hides are carefully selected for their character and uniqueness. Some small differences are to be expected in the leather's patina from piece to piece. We are looking for the grainiest ones so each and every piece has its own identity. Every bag is then unique.

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