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Mini Clyde

Mini Clyde

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The smallest of our ever popular clyde duo, the mini Clyde features an inside and outside pocket, a top zip and a leather veg tan cross-body bandoullière. 

      • Mini crossbody made of 5oz shrunken pebbled leather. 
      • Closed by a nickel KKF zipper 
      • Veg tan 2cm bandoulliere
      • Zipped outside pocket 
      • 25cm wide 28cm high X 18.5cm deep (10 in X 11.25 in X 7.5 in) 
  • Everything is handmade in our Montréal atelier. All the skins are carefully selected for their character and uniqueness. All the pieces have their own identity and some small differences are to be expected in the leather's patina

    100% cowhide 

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